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There are no fees for buying.

Insertion fee is free no matter how much your starting bid is.

The following extra features, which you can choose to grow up your sale, costs as follows:

* Picture Pack: FREE
* Bold: FREE
* Highlighted Item: FREE
* Category Featured: FREE
* Reserve Price: FREE
* Homepage Featured: €5

If the auction is successful sold, we charge a final value fee:

* Closing bids from €0.01 to €99.99 > 5%
* Closing bids from €100 to €499.99 > 4%
* Closing bids from €500 to €100.000 > 3%

We will send you once a month an invoice. We do accept bank wire (european customers only), Paypal and credit card payment. Payment of fees is expected on invoice within 7 days.

All selling fees are net fees. German and european customers usally needs to add the vat of 19%. Buisiness customer, who can provide his vat ID identification number are free from any vat.

During the introduction period, will pay the vat fees for you.  This point is valid until we retract this agreement.

The invoices are  coming one a month. Please wait for the bill  until you do a payment.

The possibility exists that a Seller may experience a problem where a Buyer does not complete the sale on an auction they have won. If this occurs, you do have the option to obtain credit on your Final Value Fee. Requests for credit can be made any time from 21 to 45 days after the disputed auction ends.

What to do before getting a credit:

Before requesting a credit, please make every attempt to contact the Buyer and complete the sale. In the event that the Buyer fails to respond or their email address appears to be invalid, please allow three weeks grace period to possibly account for Buyer unavailability, (e.g. holiday or sickness) or technical problems.

If the Buyer formally backs out of the deal or remains uncommunicative after the three-week grace period, you can request a Final Value Fee credit.

Note:Be sure to leave your Comments if a Bidder does not follow through with the sale. Multiple negative Ratings for Bidders prevent them from bidding again.

Note: policy for non-paying bidders is: <p>

First offence: warning

Second offence: warning

Third offence: account suspension

Please email to

We do need the following informations:

*Your user name
*Auction URL
*Bidders name

This is required to get back the final value fee.