Help Column


To bid on an auction, enter your bid amount in the bid box located on the auction page, and click the "Go" button. You may bid any amount that you feel appropiate and comfortable with. You will be asked to confirm your bid. Fill in your username and password and click 'Submit ' to complete your bid. If an item has a reserve price your bid will be accepted up to that reserve. If your bid was under the reserve price you may continue to bid until the reserve is reached

Any new bid you place must be greater than the current high bid. The increment depends on the current price (higher bid) the auction reached:<p>

Amount of Bid   -    Increment
€0.01    -    €9.99  -   €0.50
€10.00   -   €29.99  -   €1.00
€30.00   -   €99.99  -   €2.00
€100.00  -  €249.99  -   €5.00
€250.00  -  €499.99  -  €10.00
€500.00  -  €999.99  -  €25.00
€1000.00 -  €100000  -  €50.00

We do allow customers to use their own  custom fixed bid increment.

Item Watch helps keep an eye on auctions which are listed that you are interested in. On any item page of an auction, in the top left box you will see a link "Add to Watch List". You must be logged in to add an item to your list. Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch List. When the auction closes you will also be notified.

There are three main ways to find items on Browsing, Searching and Auction Watch.

1) Browsing:
Browsing is clicking through categories and lists of items until you find something you're interested in.

2) Searching:
Searching is as easy as typing a few words into a search box and getting back a list of relevant items. But search also offers you sophisticated options and commands that let you narrow your search in a variety of ways - by category, by price range, by payment choice, by seller, by ending within and by auction type. <p>

3) Auction Watch:
Auction Watch is your assistant to keep an eye on auctions which are opened pertaining to your keywords.

To use this feature, login yourself first then click on "Auction Watch" link in My Control Panel. Insert keyword(s) into the Auction Watch list that you are interested in. When these keywords appear in an auction's title or description, you will receive an e-mail informing you that an auction has been opened containing your keyword(s). You may also add a user's nickname and if that user opens an auction you will get notification by e-mail. All keywords must be separated by a space when entering into your Auction Watch list.