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Per example: you are looking for a Pelikan M400 pen: Pelikan pen schows all Pelikan pens. Better:

Pelikan M400 only shows auctions with all words "Pelikan M400". If you know already the auction ID, is this the quickest way to found your favorite item.

Search for Auction ID: : 20193 finds all all auctions with description "20193" and auction ID "20193"

Help Column 


What does Dutch Auction means?

If the seller choose the option "Dutch Auction", the bid price will be lower and lower every (from the seller) fixed time. If you feel that the price is ok for you, you place a bid andb the auction is ending.

Upload Pictures

There are 3 ways to put your pictures in the auction:

*Menue: "Or select the image you want to upload (optional)". Use this point when you want to load the pic from your pc. Also this picture will shown as a thumbnail in featured auctions and as  category pic.

*Menue: "Picture Gallery". Up to 15 pictures can be upload in the gallery.

*Menue "URL of picture(optional)". If your pic is located on your web site, you need to use this string. Again this pic will shown as a thumbnail.

About Me page

We strongly recommend to use this free tool. The "About Me" page helps you to let customer know who the seller is, and they will trust you. To build up this page go to >"My Control Panel" > "About Me". Here you find 2 layouts. Choose your favorite and edit your dates. A picture is allowed as well. When you finished, click the button "Publish" and your profile is online.