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PP60968 Matador safety no. 3 size, octagonal, BB tip gold nib, flexible

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Location: Italy
Item number: 24988

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PP60968 Matador safety no. 3 size, octagonal, BB tip gold nib, flexible
Fillingsystem : safety filler
Color : black chased
Material : hardrubber
Nibsize : 14 c double Broad, flexible
Condition : near mint
Year : 1922
This is very rare Matador safty from the early 1920´s. Matador a trademark of Siebert & Lowen based in Germany had produced good quality pen throughout the 1930´s. Safty filler in black chased hard rubber in near mint condition. Pen comes with 14 ct flex, no 4 nib size double broad tip. The pen has no cracks on cap and barrel, no owner inprint.

PP60968 Matador Matador safety no. 3 size, octagonal, BB tip gold nib, flexible
Füllsystem : Sicherheitshalter
Farbe : schwarz
Material : Hartgummi
Feder : 14 c double Broad, flexible
Jahr : 1922

PP60968 Matador Matador safety no. 3 size, octagonal, BB tip gold nib, flexible
Caricamento : rientrante
Colore : nero
Materiale : ebanite
Pennino : 14 c double Broad, flexible
Condizione : near mint
Anno : 1922
Questa Matador rientrante è una penna molto rara dei primi anni '20. Matador è un marchio di Siebert & Lowen con sede in Germania che ha prodotto penne di buona qualità negli anni '30.
La penna, rientrante , di colore nero e in ottime condizioni.
La penna monta un pennino in oro 14K, misura n.4 con punta larga.
Non presenta crepe né sul cappuccio né sul fusto e non ha nessun tipo di incisione.

Attention european and german buyers: You are welcome to bid on this auction, but we will have to charge the VAT/MWST of 19% on top of the auction price.
Achtung, Käufer aus Deutschland/Europäische Union: Wir freuen uns über Ihr Gebot, aber müssen Ihnen 19% MWST auf den Auktionspreis aufschlagen.
Attenzione, Clienti dell´ Unione Europea: Al prezzo dell´asta verrá agguinta l´IVA al 19% .

The pens we are offering here are all fully functional(unless otherwise noted) and if needed restored using original spare parts and techniques. Larger repairs like added cap lips will be noted explicitely. Every item bought here or on penboard may always be returned for refund - no hassle here.
Unsere hier angebotenen Schreibgeräte sind allesamt voll funktionsfähig (sofern nicht anders vermerkt) und wenn nötig restauriert, unter Verwendung historischer Ersatzteile und Techniken. Grössere Reparaturen wie erneuerte Kappenlippen werden explizit erwähnt im Auktionstext. Jeder Artikel, den Sie hier oder auf penboard kaufen, kann ohne Begründung retourniert werden.
Le penne qui in vendita sono tutte funzionanti (se non descritto diversamente). I restauri sono eseguiti con pezzi originali e con tecniche storiche. Ristauri grandi come x esempio un bordo capuccio rifatto verranno descritti nell´articolo. Ogni articolo acquistato su questo sito o su si puo restituire con rimborso.

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Location: Italy, 66043
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